broken phone and lost data

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broken phone and lost data

19. Februar 2021, 17:44

My phone was destroyed and will not be accessible any more .….. nevertheless the SD-Card with complete Locus installation is in good condition.
Please, is it possible somehow get Multicache Solver data from this SD-Card?


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Re: broken phone and lost data

19. Februar 2021, 18:25

Probably not. The data files of the solver are not stored into Locus directory, but in its own directory under /data/data. Normally this directory is not located on the SD-Card. Perhaps your Android allows to move it, but this depends on your phone and your Android.
But the data files are allowed to be part of Androids auto backup feature. It is therefore possible under certain circumstances that the files are in the backup and are automatically restored during a new installation. But this is only a guess.