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Status of work

Verfasst: 11. August 2018, 23:26
von gawalione
Hi there,

i will try to post some updates from time to time regarding my work on the solver.
The project is not dead, currently i'm more motivated to work on it than in the last year.

In the last weeks i replaced my own implementation of the database code with Room. Room is a new component from google that does the handling of raw sql in a very nice way. Unfortunately my model code did not fit into Room so i had to rewrite it. This lead to some interesting changes that will hopefully help later on. Now i need some automated tests to make sure this change doesn't introduced to many bugs. I should have done that earlier, but testing is so boring...
I changed the support labrary to androidx, which means, the solver will not run anymore on Android below 4.3 (API 18).

Re: Status of work

Verfasst: 6. Januar 2019, 20:35
von gawalione
In the last half year not much happend. I was busy doing other projects.
Some of them are done, some are on hold, so i hope to have some more time on the Solver again.

Some months ago i did a multi with the new interface and it worked surprisingly well, but some features a missing yet.
I think, i will open some gamma-testing suite because of the heavy changes to the database.

Re: Status of work

Verfasst: 14. Februar 2019, 11:20
von auric
Did you ever think about putting the project on GitHub?
I'm using your Solver on almost every night cache I do and every time I think of small improvements that would be possible.

If on GitHub, the community could help you improve the project and help you with beta testing and stuff :) . Although I'm a Java developer, I have great interest in Android and already contributed a little to c:geo, Memento Calendar and UBCall so I might be able to help a little as well. No experience in automated android testing though.

What do you think?

Re: Status of work

Verfasst: 30. April 2019, 22:44
von auric
No thoughts?

Re: Status of work

Verfasst: 10. Mai 2019, 18:55
von gawalione
I already thought about putting the code on github, but i'm not yet mentally ready to do so.

Some help with the code would definitly be cool, but i do not want the addon to be forked. If i ever lose the interest on the code, i will publish it for somebody to pick it up, but i'm not yet at this point.

Currently i try to reorder my changes in some branches to be able to make bugfixes to the currently published version and to provide a gamma-version here for testing the heavy changes i made to the database and the new listview. The changes, that i made over time where never meant to be this big, so i'm currently stuck. I hope to fix that in some way soon.