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Development version

Posted: 25. May 2019, 15:54
by gawalione
Hi there,

In the last weeks i reordered my git repo and decided to dump some of the more heavy changes i made to the addon to other branches,
and to restart development by finishing the new listview, that i started two years ago... It was the main reason, why development of
a new version was stalled so long.

So here is the new version 0.73 DEV available for download: ...

It has its own database, so please export your caches from 0.72 and reimport them in the 0.73.
Please give me feedback about problems using the listview.

It also has a feature to download an existing cache export file from and import it.
Currently there are only two caches to test it with: GC5DAV5, GC711J2.
I'm not sure, if the addon should have an option to disable this.

  • New experimental listview. Has to be enabled in settings.
  • Added french translation.
  • Added rules for auto backup.
  • Added button to import all caches from export file.
  • Added function to fetch cache data from remote server (
  • Added variable functions: pow0, pow1.
  • Added × as multiplication sign.
If you have questions or remarks please use this thread: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=61

Re: Development version

Posted: 14. June 2019, 08:42
by gawalione
Today i uploaded 0.73-dev2 under the same link as above.

  • New Parser for formulas with "x" instead of "*". To avoid ambiguity always prefer "*"!
  • Formulas do not return 0 anymore, if not complete.
  • Added • (bullet) as multiplication sign.
  • Weaker requirements for the boundary check if results of formula calculations.

Re: Development version

Posted: 19. June 2019, 20:36
by gawalione
For better deployment of the DEV version i created a new app in the Play Store.
It will not be officially released, but it has a beta channel, where i can upload DEV versions for automatic installation.

You have to register at this page: ...

And you should be able to install this version afterwards.

  • Show hint to update a modified cache (in Locus) indefinitly and in red.
  • New tokens .! (force parse as decimal point) and .? (disable overflow checks) for parser.
  • Auto open keyboard on focus in new listview.
  • Bugfixes.
New Tokens:
  • ".!" forces the dot to only match as dot in a number. N 0° 12.!124 + A' will not be parsed as N 0° (12).(124 + A)' (normal mode) but as N 0° (12.124) + (A)'. In this case, the parser will then report an error, but i thought it could be helpful in some cases.
  • ".?" will be parsed as normal, but i will disable the overflow checks. N 49° 05.895 + A' with A=405 will then result in an error "Value length out of range: 1300 [4;3] - 1 - ", N 49° 05.!895 + A' will break with "Value length out of range: 0410.895 [8;6] - 1 - " and N 49° 05.?895 + A' will produce "N 49°06.300'".

Re: Development version

Posted: 27. June 2019, 23:54
by gawalione
I uploaded 0.73-dev4 to Play Store (for link see the first post):

  • Create a hidden waypoint "Header point" on import for cases where the first point is a projection.
  • Added new variable function square root.
  • Bugfixes.