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Official version

Verfasst: 30. Juni 2019, 10:06
von gawalione
Today i uploaded 0.73 to the official beta program.

To participate on the beta program follow this link
and enable your beta program membership.

  • New experimental listview. Has to be enabled in settings.
  • New Parser for formulas with x (letter) instead of *. To avoid ambiguity always prefer *!
  • New tokens .! (force parse as decimal point) and .? (disable overflow checks) for parser. See help for more details.
  • Show hint to update a modified cache (from Locus to the solver) indefinitely and in red.
  • Create a hidden waypoint "Header point" on import for cases where the first point is a projection.
  • Added french translation.
  • Added button to import all caches from export file.
  • Added variable function: square root.
  • Added variable functions: pow0 (x⁰), pow1 (x¹).
  • Added more signs as mathematical operators.
  • Added function to fetch cache data from remote server (
  • Added rules for auto backup.
  • Formulas do not return 0 anymore, if not complete.
  • Weaker requirements for the boundary checks of results of formula calculations.
  • Change minSDK to API 18 (Android 4.3).
  • Bugfixes.

Re: Official version

Verfasst: 9. Juli 2019, 08:18
von gawalione
0.73 is now officially released.

Re: Official version

Verfasst: 10. Juli 2019, 23:24
von gawalione
Uploaded 0.73.1 to Play Store.
It's a bugfix release only.

* Bugfix in JSON format export.
* Preset a meaningful filename in Share menu.

Problem with the JSON export is, that the comma is missing after the first point, if that point is a new header point.
The resulting file is no valid JSON and cannot be imported again. You can fix this by adding the comma yourself by using a text editor program.

Re: Official version

Verfasst: 30. März 2020, 20:23
von gawalione
I fixed another bug in the DEV version and compiled and packaged the new official version.
Now the only thing i need are some database upgrade tests.

Could some people please test this version: ... ase_84.apk

and report if all things work as expected? My tests worked but my cache list is rather short...

Please report bugs and successes in this thread viewtopic.php?f=3&t=72