[Question] Number of decimal digits

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Number of decimal digits

23. Oktober 2019, 22:26

Hi there,

someone asked me to support 4 or 5 digits after the comma in the formulas:
N xx° xx.xxxxx'

I never saw this in reallife, how often do you need this in your caching life?

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Die Batzen
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Re: Number of decimal digits

26. Oktober 2019, 19:00

Same experience, we never needed more than 3 digits.

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Re: Number of decimal digits

27. Oktober 2020, 14:51

Well, it depends. If the coordinate minutes are given as a division, it appears that the solver can‘t handle it if the result is a non-terminating decimal number. Example: N53 1B works if B = formula(1000/1250); result is N53 10.800. However, B = formula(1000/1300) gives no result... it would be nice if B = 0.769 (rounded), or even more decimal place were calculated, or if there was also a rounding function (to n decimal places)