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Re: 0.75-DEV1

Verfasst: 3. Mai 2020, 17:20
von Die Batzen
Ran into an issue today with value overflow handling by using .? as decimal separator.

Suppose we have
N49° 59.?A+1000
E7° 00.?A-1000

Expected result:
N50° 00.500
E6° 59.500

Actual result:
N50° 00.500 ( :) )
Value out of range: -500 ( :( )

Otherwise no problems occurred during multiple multis over the weekend - runs very stable.

And by the way, thank you very much for taking care of treating secondary variables as used ones (e.g. N50° 10.XXX E10° 22.XXX and XXX = A+B ; now XXX, A, B are treated as used variables and therefore are accessible directly in the formula)!



Verfasst: 9. Mai 2020, 19:16
von Die Batzen
3 new issues detected today in 0.75-DEV1 (in both, new and old listing view):
  1. add a variable, add a formula, set its value to 0.5 (or e.g. 1+0.5) --> no result available
    to get the desired result, this workaround will do: 1.5-1 (or e.g. 1+1.5-1);
    this also works: value set to X and value for X set to 0.5
  2. for projection and offset waypoints, the chosen reference point changes when you close the waypoint and open again in edit mode; going to edit mode multiple times, the reference points changes every time
  3. for projection waypoints, if you try to enter a bearing value the app freezes;
    no issue when entering distance values