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Verfasst: 26. Oktober 2019, 12:17
von gawalione
Please report your bugs in this thread.


Re: 0.74-DEV1

Verfasst: 26. Oktober 2019, 18:41
von Die Batzen
1st test:
  • send cache from Locus to Cache Solver --> Crash
  • import cache from 0.73.2, open cache in Cache Solver --> Crash
Android 7.0, Locus 3.40.2, Cache Solver 0.74 dev-1

Re: 0.74-DEV1

Verfasst: 26. Oktober 2019, 21:02
von gawalione
This works fine for me on Android 10.
Unfortunately there are no crash reports in the developer center so i do not know whats happening.

Re: 0.74-DEV1

Verfasst: 30. Oktober 2019, 12:14
von rjgkwdrebl
Same as "Die Batzen" for me. I did a cycle "Export caches, Uninstall Cache Solver 0.74 dev-1, Reinstall, import caches".
Problem remains :(

Android 9 PKQ1.180904.001 (Pie), Locus 3.40.2


Re: 0.74-DEV1

Verfasst: 31. Oktober 2019, 18:11
von gawalione
Die Batzen send me some log files and i think, i featured out, where the problem was. Next build should fix this.