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add another format of coordinates (XX.XXX °)

Verfasst: 10. März 2018, 12:11
von gawalione
I have formula:

N 52.[E-545][(A+2)/5]
E 021.[B-F][D-C-1][B+335]
(parentheses not multiply)

I have all the variables (correct) and waypoint is red, errors occurred "null". Waypoint isn't send to Locus.

The result should be:
N 52.(string: value1value2)
E 21.(string: value3value4value5)
value1=229 value2=85 value3=0 value4=11 value5=74
N 52.22985
E 21.01174

When I calulate coordinates manually, everything is ok. But coordinates format is XX.XXXXX °.
I create point in Locus using coordinates format XX.XXXXX° - Locus create point but coordinates are displayed in format XX° XX.XXX'

Re: add another format of coordinates (XX.XXX °)

Verfasst: 1. Juli 2018, 01:09
von JGeo
I encounter the same issue. First, the text was not recognized in the cache description: "N51.123A5 E5.98B65", then when selecting it and creating a waypoint, it was accepted, but the ° appeared to be missing, and when I added that, the error was "null" but still, when A and B were entered, no green light appeared, and the coordinate was not recognized as valid.
There are not many, but not no caches with DD.DDDDD coordinates, and even ones with DD MM SS.S coordinates, apart from the standard DD MM.MMM. It would be nice if those could be used in Locus Solver as well.
Let alone caches that use for example the Dutch RD coordinates, which require a conversion, but which is recognized by Locus Pro itself, so maybe the Solver does not have to implement the conversion.