Export without values

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Export without values

21. April 2018, 09:46

Often I have to change functions "in the field" or want to check that my mcs script is working correctly by entering the values for MY multi caches (or unknown caches - I like letting MCS calculate the functions for the final).
After that I would prefer to export only the functions, not the values ;)

Feature request: export without spoilers

Solution: possibility to mark variables as "in the field" values (default unchecked when first function is NOT "Formel") and unchecked "export including spoilers" in "Settings"

"Share" with unchecked "including spoilers" as default for others, or share including spoilers for myself and "good friends".

You could manually mark the checkbox "in the field" if a formula is not known beforehand (overriding the at first by default unmarked variable (because "Formel" is the first function). Some multi caches contain the formula in the last stage and I don't wanna spoil these after I found the cache.