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[SOLVED] "N 00° 00.(A * B^2)" is counted like "(A * B)^2"

Verfasst: 10. März 2018, 12:14
von gawalione
first of all, thank you very much for this perfect addon, I use it very often and it is just perfect. But I found two bugs:
1) formula "N 00° 00.(A * B^2)" is counted like "(A * B)^2" which is incorrect. Correct calculation should be "A * (B^2)".
2) When geocache has at least 7 waypoints and I click on highlighted formula in listing, the last waypoint is missing in the popup for waypoint selection.

And then I have one UX issue: on waypoints tab, the "plus button" overlaps the last coordinates (which is usually the final). So to be able to read the coordinates, I need to add one more "dummy" waypoint to scroll the screen.